SCIENCE – THE GREATEST GIFT NATURE- Nature has created science. How? The Nature we live in is composed of various scientific elements. Like oxygen, water, food, fire, light, heat,etc. We can obtain energy by oxygen. But our body will not survive with nitrogen, carbon dioxide in any circumstances. There is some systematic process of breathing, then oxygen taken by lungs and other gases given out. Oxygen absorbed by the cells and is processed in mitochondria to obtain energy. This is a fixed systematic process. It cant be changed or cant do a mistake. Its a planned and executed very well. So this systematic execution is SCIENCE. Nature is also very systematic. Sun rises in east and sets in the west. It cant be changed! This is the systematic process. Nature invented systematic processes known as SCIENCE. Nature had invented science but humans have discovered it. NATURE – OUR GREATEST TEACHER. Nature is considered as greatest teacher. Nature is like our mother. Nature is derived from NURTURE. The one who nurtures is mother. God have created us. God is our father. But Nature has given us the nourishment to live life to our fullest. Nature has taught us many things. Nature inspires us to develop and progress.

Gifts of Nature.



Way of living.

The ability of thinking.

RAIN – The romantic season SNOW – The purity. WATER The lifeline. FLOWERS – The true freshness. MOUNTAINS – The ultimate might. We cant imagine life without this beautiful Nature.

The beauty of Nature cant be described in picture or words. It just requires our presence!!

Nature has shown us the real beauty. The power of feeling. Nature has given us love which made us made our life full of beauty. Also Science which made possible to feel the beauty of love.


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